We had a great time in Little Rock Arkansas a few weeks ago, its been almost 2 years since we hosted an event there and man did it feel good to be back. Everyone welcomed us with open arms.

Before the event we took our Jeep on some trails. We were invited by 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club. This was our first time ever trying this, usually we are walking them! Being out with members from the community felt really great. After our trailer was stolen back in 2016 (we found it the same day ), it was hard for us to want to do anything before any of our events. Before the trailer was stolen we planned time to explore the cities we visited, but after that incident it really affected how we navigated our trips. We really weren't comfortable. To be able to explore parts of Arkansas that we hadn't before was really awesome. We appreciated the invite!

The weather forecast for ATB Little Rock called for a very wet Sunday. We had some in the morning and then there were clear skies and sunshine the rest of the day. We were thankful for that because we along with everyone else were anticipating the event!

Check out some photos by from the event!

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