Updated: Jun 9, 2020

We would like to believe that you all, already know who we are. You know what we stand for, and what ATB is all about. We also like to think that ATB is a BE about it lifestyle. Not a "talk about it" . We don't know how else to put that into words. If you are a part of ATB, you are a part of forward movement. The ATB lifestyle is not about seeing each other as the same. It is about seeing each other as different, and then loving each other for it. Cars, trucks, bikes.... Theyare just an excuse for us to be together. ALL TOGETHER. But only those of us that choose to do this together. When a member of our community, or a member of our team is hurting, we extend our empathy and sympathy, and love. No matter what side of the coin you prefer, your heart and your mind find conflict. We may not be able to educate each other, but we can try to show each other who we really are. We know one thing for sure,#BlackLivesMatter. And right now, you have our hearts, our attention and our ears. We hear you, we see you, and we love you. Kimo & Maria ATB

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