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About Us

All Team Bash is an automotive lifestyle event 

hosted by Kimo & Maria and few of our closest friends. We have been Married for 18 years and hosting events for over ten.

We spent many years with a large car club of our own. Team Sunworks. We created All Team Bash to bring people together

without Car judges or awards based on your builds. Because we believe, nothing is more important than each other.


The very first All Team Bash was held in Houston, TX  at Bear Creek Park in . June of 2008 

by the summer of 2012 we had outgrown the space. We rented our very first venue in 2013.

Over the next 5 years, we would end up in four different states.


All unexpectedly as our intentions were never to become a business.

It just happened because of our passion.

Our goal was and will always be to create an environment that encourages fellowship amongst teams, enthusiasts and creative individuals. 

We honestly believe by supporting one another we can build unity. 


Our amazing friends and team have been by our side for many years, and without them and the support of each of you, we would not be here today. 


We promise to do everything from our hearts and souls.


Let's promote unity and growth.


Kimo and Maria

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